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Dear Friend, i want to welcome you personally to my website and I'm going to show you one of the best ways to make money online in Nigeria.


Are you tired of feeding from hand to mouth? Do you want an additional source of income? Do you want a part time business that you can run for 2-4 hrs per day? Do you want your own full time business?

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Do you want to build an online business that sells? Here is the sure fire niche no one is talking to you about. You too can start your own bulk sms business and easily generate a six figure income online monthly depending on how hard you work.

What is Bulk Sms?

Bulk sms is a platform where you can send customized sms to several individuals/groups at a time.

In Nigeria today, more than 100 million text messages are sent daily by GSM phone users. This notes out the fact that TEXT MESSAGING has come to stay in our country (Nigeria). This SMS can reach a large audience, group or individual instantly at no network restriction. It is the newest technology of sending out relevant information and messages used by Churches, School, Night clubs, Business owners, Hotels, Mosques, Salons, Politicians etc. In fact any information that is worth disseminating can be done faster and more efficiently through the use of CUSTOMIZED TEXT MESSAGE.

Do You know that every time you receive a customize sms on your phone someone somewhere is making money?

Until recently, text messaging has been associated only with the exchange of information between friends and family members. Now, SMS is being used for content services such as television voting and polls, companies advertisement, brand promotion etc.

The newest and most promising way to tap into this wealth of opportunity is here for you. SMS has delivered excellent response rates for a variety of companies that have added it to their marketing mix - in some cases over 30% ! So what are you waiting for? Now is the right time to jump in and establish an almost unlimited source of substantial long-term income, by starting your own bulk sms business.

There Are Different Ways To Make Money From Your Bulk Sms Business

1. Individuals will signup at your portal to buy and send SMS to their family, friends and other contacts. These are your "Personal Users".

2. Organizations, companies and churches will signup to buy and send SMS to their members. These are your "Group users".

3. Resellers (People who also want to own their own BULK SMS portals) will pay you huge money (you can charge =N=35,000 or even higher) to sign them up and they will start to buy SMS units in Bulk from you and sell to their customers. These are your "Sub-resellers".

4. You can make money selling this money making ideas to others. This you can do through seminars, training or inform of an information product.

5. You can sell GSM database for location based marketing and also rake in more money.

The income possibilities are just endless!

Let's Evaluate The Profit Potential Of This Business

If you purchase 4,000 units of sms at 95k each and you sell it within the cheapest rate of N1.50k each. Meaning, you'll be making a doubled profit on whatever amount of money you invested in buying bulk sms units. i.e if you purchase N4,000 worth of bulk sms, you can easily make a profit of N4,000 as well, and that is if you want to be very just and fair with your price.

Let’s say a church near you (could be the one you attend), has 5000 members. And you happened to have a BULK SMS business. You have them use your BULK SMS portal (I’ll show you how very easy it is to get one) and they send an SMS twice a week,

It means in a year (52 weeks) you would have sold 520,000 SMS units them.

If you make a profit of just N1 per SMS unit sold, it means you will earn N520,000 per year from this one Church! And you can do this EVERY YEAR.

And you can do this for

Schools, Hotels, Churches, Mosques, Business Owners, Salons, Night Clubs, Banks (especially Micro-Finance banks), Restaurants, Politicians contesting of elections! etc

Assuming you charge N40,000 to set up for resellers...and with a good sales page you can be
setting up at least 2 weekly.
N40,000*3= N120,000
You will be making profit of at least N15,000 for setting up for just 2 people in a week.
Imagine how much you will be making if you set up portal for at least 10 people in a month coupled with other sources of income this business generates?

The Income Possibilities Are Just Endless.

Do You Know That.....

  • ₦50 billion worth of sms is being sent monthly in Nigeria?
  • Do you know that, you can make over a ₦100k in pure profits every month rendering bulk sms services for others?
  • Do you know that, you do not need to know anything about html or website design before you can make money from this business?
  • Do you know that, you can run this business using your internet enabled mobile phone only?
  • Do you even know that you don't need to have a huge capital to take part?
  • Do you also know that, as a business owner you need to have your own bulk sms portal?

Why Am I Introducing This Particular Business To You?

A large number of people in Nigeria carry a mobile phone and SMS Text messaging can get your message through quickly and efficiently. This form of communication can be particularly effective for location based marketing, sending sms to churches, schools, customers, mosques etc. The potential is unlimited.

You can boost the current profit in your business by 95 percent and also increase your customer base if you decide to take advantage of this mobile marketing opportunity.
SMS Text Messaging ensures you reach your target market by contacting them directly on their mobile phone.

It's Time For You To Start Your Own Business!

What You Need To Set Up Your Own Sms Portal

1. A Content Management System (CMS) Application - This is like a sms software that would be used to set up the complete sms portal for you, meaning you can edit everything on the portal

2. A license key - A license key is like a recharge card. You cannot make call on your phone without loading a recharge card. Likewise the CMS application. It cannot function until you insert a license key into it.

3. A registered domain name - This would be your website address. The name that people would type on their internet browser to locate your bulk sms website. For example, mine is www.idealsms280.com

4. A web hosting plan - A web hosting plan is an account where your website data is saved. Without a hosting plan, your domain name is useless. It is like having a plot of land without a house built on it. When you pay for a hosting service, then it would make your website to be accessible all over the world.

5. A Sms Gateway Account - You will need to link the sms portal that you have to a sms gateway account. Just like when you have a phone, without a network provider on your phone, it cannot function well. So the same applies to sms portals. Without a sms gateway, it would not be able to send sms.

Here Are Some Of The Features Of This Sms Portal

  • Bulk Sms: With Content Management System, you can create and manage your sms portal website contents without any software or technical knowledge. Clients can register and buy sms units from you; login and use the credit to send bulk sms.
    They can enter their numbers or send from their phone book. Send now, schedule or save as draft. You can connect to any gateway or provider of your choice where you will buy cheap sms to sell on your site. You can have unlimited resellers who can also have resellers under them.
    You have access to a robust admin back end where you can manage your website. Create and manage users, manually credit users, set network filter, set rates, send newsletters, manage vouchers, manage coupons, etc. You have access to change and edit anything on the portal
  • AUTO RESPONDER: The SMS Autoresponder feature will enable users e.g Internet Marketers, Churches etc to build a list and follow up new converts. Users can generate an html code that can be embedded into a web page to create a webform. Whenever this form is filled it delivers the programmed sms at the specified interval.
  • PAYMENT INTEGRATION: The portal integrates perfectly with VoguePAY. You can receive payments online from your clients through interswitch even on weekends. Don't let your clients get boxed in the banking hall. Auto funding of user accounts on online payments. Admin can add and edit bank account details for manual payments.
  •    GSM DATABASE: This CMS application has an inbuilt verified state sorted GSM database across the federation. The admin uploads numbers sorted state by state. Then the users at the front end can view the total in each state to enable them specify the volume of campaign they can run for different states.
  •    Open Gateway: You can use any gateway of your choice. Must not be ours. If you know where to get sms cheaper, you can use their API. If you want to use idealsms280, you will be buying sms @ 95kobo per sms! (No minimum quantity!! even if you buy one unit!!!)
  •    Unlimited Resellers: The website can support sub-reellers under it. And even your sub-resellers can also have their resellers under them.
  •    Voice SMS/Robo Call Extensibility: You can send robocall through the system. It comes with the application already configure.
  •    Have Your Own API To Give To Your Users: The system has is own valid API which you can give to any portal sms dealer.
  •    Voucher Management System: The system support voucher recharge. You can create voucher and sell it offline just like normal mtn, glo recharge.





You Will Only Have To Pay Just ₦45,000


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  • How to write a proposal letter
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  • Free GSM Database for 3 states
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